We ship directly to your door to any location in the USA.

Silverstate Rubber inner tubes are all individually wrapped in clear bags inside sturdy cartons of uniform size allowing for easy stocking in your warehouse. This is a detail that our customers have always appreciated. Shipments arrive at your door neatly shrink wrapped on pallets.

How to Order


Simply email to your sales representative or to .


Fax to 303.770.0379


Call your sales representative or there is always a qualified representative at our offices to help you place an order and answer any questions you might have.

Freight Paid 1000 POUNDS

Orders of 1000 pounds are freight paid. This would be about 22 boxes. Silverstate boxes are all the same size and approximate weight. So whether you are ordering tractor tubes that are 1 per box or passenger tubes that are 30 per box it will sell average about 22 boxes to qualify to have your freight paid.

Orders Under 1000 Pounds

Because of the volume of shipping we do we have very large discounts on freight, we will pass on these savings to you on any orders that you will be paying the freight. All orders are sent prepaid and freight charges are added to the invoice.

Expedited Shipments

Freight carriers often offer expedited or guaranteed delivery dates for a small charge if you need this service please inquire.

Questions About Our Product

There is always a qualified representative available to answer any questions you might have about sizes, conversions and any technical data on our inner tubes and flaps. Feel free to email your questions to or call 888.957.8889.

Item Codes

All item codes on our price sheet are Silverstate Rubber tubes unless otherwise noted these tubes are of premium quality and are 100% Butyl Rubber.

Natural Rubber Tubes have NR following the item code.

Special Orders and Made To Order Tubes or Flaps

We can have tubes custom made for specific applications through our factory. Contact us with details and we can research minimum quantities requirements from our factory and pricing. Standard size tubes customized with a different valve stems have lower minimums than custom size inner tubes or tubes made with change of standard valve stem location.